Some activities near Hulsig

There is lots to do at the top of Jutland -
Contact the tourist agencies or information offices if you need ideas
- go to the linkssection and Landscape / walking.
Here are listed a fewother ideas:

  • Birdwatching - especially in the late spring, many rare birds of prey circulates here, sometimes for weeks

  • The eagle nature reserve at Tuen (10 km away)

  • Tversted lakes (15 away)

  • Northsea museum in Hirtshals - worlds second largest aquarium(15 km away)

  • The lighthouse i Hirtshals

  • Farm fun in Ålbæk - for kids (6 km away)

  • The harbour in Ålbæk

  • the Cloos tower in Frederikshavn (30 km away)

  • Hirtsholmene near Frederikshavn - small rock isles

  • Børglum kloster (middleage monestary) 35 km away - near Vrå.
  • The museums in Skagen (and there are a lot !)

  • The harbour in Skagen

  • The lighthouse in Skagen

  • Grenen /Skagen Nordstrand - the peak of Jutland , fascinating coastlines.

  • Swimhall in Skagen - if the weather is cold

  • Restaurants in Skagen, Kandestederne and Hulsig.

  • Tolne Bakker - hilly area near Frederikshavn

  • Råbjerg church - on the southside of Råbjerg mile.

  • The harbour in Ålbæk

  • Rubjerg knude - a big wandering sanddune near the sea (35 km away)

You can rent horses, and education can be arranged at Langagergård in Hulsig. They ride on the beaches and it the sandunes.

Riding near Langagergård.

You could also go to Uggerby and rent a canoe. From here you can sail to Tversted and the westcoast into the Northsea. Takes 4-8 hours - mostly depending on you.
Rent a horse in Hulsig:

Langagergård v.
Søren Winther m.fl.
Kandestedvej 76
Tlf.: 9848 7890