The cottage and the close surroundings

The property belonging to the house is 5500 m2 and the plantation consist of spruce, pine oak and larch.
Therefore Its often piecefull here even when its windy and stormy around.

The house is built in 1963 and is whithout much of the modern acommodation you find in your home
That is one of the things we like about it

What it looks like from the road (east).

Seen from south-west.
Its not dark even though we are surrounded by trees.

Breakfast at the terrasse (south-east)

West terasse - afternoon and evening sun. We ofte dine here.

West terasse again.
Some facts:

ca. 40m2
4 beds in an alkove + 1 chamber with 2 beds

Under the roof you can sleep too, but probably it is mostly fun for children

Fireplace/stove and electricity for heating

Kitchen has a stove with 3 plates and an oven

Fridge with small freezer

Here is a map/plan of the house.

There is also 2 more beds in another small house nearby on the property.
See how you get to the bathroom and toilet here.- You need to go out on the terrasse first


The shower can be mounted outdoors if you like..
Living room seen from west

The ladder goes to a 'hems', where older kids might like to sleep.

In the background (left) you see the kitchen, to the right of the door out, is the entrance to a small room with 2 beds.
Usually the kids room.
4 people can sleep here
Usually the grown ups and eventually their very small kids sleep here.
There is a TV - but you can only and hardly take two danish channels.

A corner of the living room

Dinner table - we are playing a game. Alkove / beds visible behind to the left.

The kids are chilling out in the sofacorner
The primary heat source in the house.
Normally we have plenty of firewood, Spruce, pine and oak.

With a little luck you might be able to find a book or two in english.
On the premises there is a very small cottage, with 1-2 beds.
There is electricity, so light and morning coffee can be available.På grunden et stykke væk, ligger også et lille annex med 1-2 sovepladser. Der er el så man kan også lave sin kaffe her.
Billedet er taget en kold aprildag.
This picture was taken a cold april 2001.