Walkabouts around Hulsig

Here aresome photos from walking/bicycling distance of Hulsig
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The train is passing and stopping in Hulsig.

Fascinating woods with mushrooms and the ground covered with lichens.

We found chanterelles

And here is a shy snake that disappears as fast as it can...

Tornbakke Rimme a row of old 'grey' sanddunes, covered with heather, lichens and rare grasses.

In the shrubbery around 'Hulsig hede', you can find lots of rare plants and berries.
Hulsig beach towards Kattegat (the eastern costal line to Skagen)

Towards Skagen on the eastern beach. No roads goes to the beach most of the way, ca. 8 km's walk, takes ca. 3-4 timer in a reasonable pace. Usually we take the train home. Guarantee: No cars can be heard.

The kids have lots of fun here, finding things from the sea or playing.
After storms you can find amber.

Closer to Skagen - near 'sandmilen' , a big open sanddune - resembles a small desert.

Very rarely you meet other people than the ones you brought along ....

Via 'Hulsig stien' on bicycle through the heather, you can reach the sanded church in half an hour .
Walking there will take you approx. 2 hours
Vesterhavet (Northsea coast)

The Northwest coast is quite different from the east. The wind can be strong and the waves big. It can be difficult not to turn over...

Cars can drive on this beach to Skagen. The distance is allmost two times the distance of the eastcoast. Its a nice long walk.

A jump near 'Kandestederne' - for the fearless kids...
Råbjerg mile

'Råbjerg mile' is something special - a giant open sanddune
In this direction you have 10 km free view - no roads, no houses. Facing south west.

The sanddune grows 10 m northeast direction every year. Covering everything on its way.

Here is a small forrest dissappearing - next year , its gone.

Desert life...

This is Denmark - not Sahara...